Controls: WASD to control car, Mouse to control climber. Quick clicks unlock limbs.

I Dream of @Dril is more than just a game. It is an experience, and exploration into the psyche of a man who may not even exist but makes really, really funny tweets. We have translated those tweets into digital physical form, so that we may all experience @dril's truth in all of its glory. You finally get to experience first hand what we can only assume is Twitter's most popular funnyman in his everyday life, presented to you in two short, interactive vignette games.

In making this game we were able to move very quickly from the get go thanks to utilizing assets from our own projects in the past. Simon had car code from his midterm, Ben was a wiz at procedural generation, and Gabe and Molly could pick up the slack with Maya skills and supplementary code.The mountain scene was certainly less easy, especially for Gabe, who poured his heart and soul into making the mountain climber move exactly how we all envisioned it, but that was really our greatest challenge. As for Unity systems, we certainly did most of our legwork with proc gen and physics in Unity, as well as the Unity animator and some fun stuff with Unity's sound works.You can find us all on twitter in the following places:

Gabe Rush - @spacebrogabe

Ben Haderle - @benhaderle

Frankie Pettigrew - @trans__kafka

Molly Weaver - @molldoll354

Authorstranskafka, Ben Haderle, Molly Weaver, SpaceBroGabe
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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