wasd - move
space - honk
qe - change music

twitter: @trans__kafka

So this is a personal game for my Intermediate Game Development course taught by Robert Yang, it's based on my experiences driving my siblings around my hometown to get them to ballet classes or whatever.

Some successes: The roads are procedurally generated! This was my first time doing anything procgen, and while there are some serious issues with the road generation, it works! One of the major problems that arose was trying to keep the player from going offroad, which I was able to solve with some trigger colliders detecting which intersections had roads and which did not.

Some failures: Not enough art assets! If I had more time I would definitely create some more variety on the roads, through house details and different models. I would have also loved to figure out how to spawn trees everywhere the roads weren't, so you couldn't see all that empty space. I also wanted to add a feature where there's some chatter between you and your sibling while they're in your car, which would have definitely made the game better.

Thanks to my friends Kyle, Sam, Jack, Lux, and Mia for the sick tunes!


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A Unity version, please? (WebGL no XP compatible)